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General Investigations


MJT’s investigative team is comprised of some of the most talented and esteemed investigators that come from successful careers within Louisiana Law Enforcement community and FBI. Locating and conducting interviews of critical witnesses holds tremendous importance on the ultimate outcome of criminal trials. The MJT team of highly experienced Investigators have been successful in collecting this valuable information on behalf of lawyers and the clients they represent. However, it doesn’t stop there. MJT investigators have years of experience testifying in state as well as federal courts.

Missing Persons Cases


MJT can handled everyday persons that are missing all the way up to high profile cases that have been shown on national network news. We investigated runaway youths and others are missing.

Police Liaison


If you feel as though your complaint with the police has not been properly entertained, we work with the police on a regular basis to help our clients’ cases. We have been able to take those cases, get a complaint filed, get the case investigated, and in many cases assist with the apprehension of the person in question.



Many clients have had their homes, offices, or businesses broken into, or defrauded. We work with each of our clients and the police conducting private investigations into the theft. We canvass at pawn shops, and other places where people sell stolen items. We have gone undercover into businesses where theft was taking place to determine which employees are committing the theft, and to get them apprehended.



Matrimonial investigations are often a complex subject and fraught with numerous hurdles and roadblocks. We are experienced in navigating these roads and  ready to work with any client on any investigation they may need.


Social Media Investigations


We have expert investigators that specialize in social media investigations. We can dig into any platform and any subject to produce reliable and relevant information for any research conducted. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn, we can explore any and all social media platforms and produce accurate and timely reports about any subject.


Accident Investigations


Do you own a business or a home? Did an accident take place on your property and now you have been served with court papers Interviewing witnesses, taking statements.

Death Investigations


Do you believe that your loved one may not have died of natural causes? Do you believe that perhaps there may have been foul play involved in your loved one’s suicide? We investigate them all. Our investigators on staff have decades of training in various law enforcement agencies, and have investigated all manner of death.

Asset Searches

Investigators have successfully identified assets across the globe, helping our clients recover millions of dollars owed from litigation or criminal actions. Our investigators include former bank and fraud examiners, accountants, detectives, and journalists who have followed money trails in a range of disciplines.




Many questions arise in relationships that spark suspicion of infidelity. By using private investigators, you are able to remain anonymous throughout the process of discreetly discovering the truth regarding your mate.

Child Support is the obligation of two adults who conceive a child. When one parent is not contributing their responsibility to their child, it hinders the child’s future and home life.

Insurance Claims Investigations save money for everyone. Why pay an individual Unemployment or Disability when they clearly are using the system illegally to their advantage. If suspicion arises in regards to a previous employee, friend, or coworker collecting government aide unlawfully, it is imperative to take the necessary steps to uncover such behavior.



MJT’s team of investigators collaborate to get the facts you need to make informed decisions related to:

– Workers’ compensation
– Vehicular accidents
– Arson
– Personal injury
– Theft of Property

Background Check


The scope and depth of MJT’s background check vary based on a client’s industry and specific objectives. Our investigators and researchers will work with you to determine exactly what information is most important to you and tailor a due diligence plan to meet your specific needs. Our background checks cover a wide variety of topics.

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Corporate Due Diligence

Intelligence is becoming increasingly important before proceeding with any business decision. Knowing the background and integrity of the parties involved in an investment, transaction, or other business arrangement has become paramount in completing a successful deal or establishing a rewarding partnership.

Many business owners, investors, and lenders seek critical information to help them make knowledgeable business decisions with regard to their future employees, investments, and potential business ventures. These executives, with the interests of their company, shareholders, and clients in mind. MJT can provide your company with COOP, Medical and other emergency Action Plans.

Litigation Support

Litigation is often expensive and complex. When building a case the stakes are high and leave no margin for error. Litigation can result in business interruption, reputational damage, lost revenue, seizure of assets, large fees, and even the loss of entire businesses. A skilled and experienced investigative team can provide invaluable support to legal counsel by delivering hard to find detailed, accurate and verifiable information.

Financial Fraud

No matter the nature of the fraud – there are new and ever more sophisticated schemes all the time – we reconstruct events and document the evidence. Afterwards, we can help you establish systems to prevent recurrence.

Should the case lead to court proceedings, our investigators can provide expert testimony.

  • Embezzlement

  • Forgery

  • Money laundering schemes

  • Misappropriation of funds

[ Insurance Fraud  /  Due Dilligence  /  Finanacial Fraud  /  Corporate Intelligence



Threat and Vulnerability Assessments

A threat and vulnerability assessment is a critical first step in designing any security program. Only a comprehensive assessment, conducted by a qualified, experienced and certified assessor, using a logical and proven methodology provide the necessary quantitative and qualitative information to make accurate and cost-effective decisions critical to the protection of your physical assets, organizations, clients and employees.

Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP)

COOP describes the plans and procedures that facilitate the performance of a Company's critical Mission Essential Functions (MEFs) during any emergency or situation that may disrupt normal operations.  This COOP complements crisis management planning efforts and describes a proactive and flexible response to any size event and can adjust to any timetable.  COOP plans embodies integrated procedures in the event of crisis; informs all Companies personnel of their obligations before, during, and after COOP implementation; provides critical guidance to key division leaders; and assists COOP members in their understanding of their specific responsibilities and critical MEFs that must be accomplished

School Vulnerability Assessments

Safety, specifically in the educational system, is imperative for protecting students and faculty. At MJT we run a series of evaluations to assure one that the maximum level of security is offered.

Security Assessments and  Technology

CCTV, Access Control and Intrusion Detection can no longer be seen just as separate systems forming a last line of defense or providing a forensic look back on what’s already happened. Rather, they must be part of an intelligent and well integrated Physical Protection Systems (PPS) acting as an integrated force multiplier.

Environmental Investigations

Unpermitted discharges of waste can cause significant environmental and financial damage to waterways and land.  There can also be substantial liabilities to landowners in these cases.  We can provide surveillance and confirmatory testing of samples involved with cases of illegal discharges of liquid waste in bodies of water or dumping of waste on land.  Our collaboration with environmental science experts allows us to provide both the investigatory and scientific information needed to support your case.  Our investigative team has significant experience with surveillance supporting these types of investigations on waterways in the region.  Please contact us with details of your particular case to discuss our ability to investigate your situation.

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