List price $449.99

Coupon code 85

New Price $365.00

List price $129.99

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New Price$100.00


Pulse cartridges (2-pack)

List price $69.99

New price $59.00

Pulse Holsters

From $24.00 to 50.00

For all others Taser accessories please call!

MJT Investigations is proud to be a certified dealer for Taser products. MJT offers the Taser Pulse and Taser Strikelight. Both defensive systems are priced to sell to those individuals who do not want to carry a lethal firearm. Each device comes with a loyalty coupon.

MJT also offers a demonstration/presentation of these products along with civilian Taser training.

Below you will find informative links to both the Taser Pulse and Strikelight.

If you are interested in these products and wish to make a purchse, please complete the contact form or give us a call.

Tel: 985-259-1565

Covington, Louisiana  70435

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